January 5, 2010

Thank you note

Posted in Life at 8:39 am by silivalilife

I want to thank James Cameron for the pleasure I got recently viewing his new film.  Not only it looked like a beautiful dream and it made me feel like the real life was the one he created, not only it touched me with its romantic note,  and made me feel the pain at first and then the relief of the Na’vies at the end.

He had a very clear view of what he wanted to tell us with his art, whether with comparing  the beauty of the “Blue Monkeys” with physical weakness of the humans, by also making them much taller, allowing a positive character a big no-no of our time, an awful thing, a cigarette, putting coffee cup into hands of every bad guy so that we can feel better the link, there certainly are others I failed to mention.   

For those who think the story is plagiarized from the other famous ones, should it be reminded that if immortal classics like Shakespeare was not afraid to make adaptations without referrals, we can be less strict to a mortal living among us?

As long as it helps to deliver the message the author intended to.


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