January 12, 2010

A dedication to the Princess from the Looking Glass

Posted in Random at 5:35 pm by silivalilife

It was long ago, at the time of black and white TV and snail mail and the time when the Christmas meant presents and postcards from places far away. The Christmas cards would have either puppies or houses. The  houses were covered with thick, clean, glowing snow, waiting for me to be the first to walk on it.

That dream world was as close and unreachable as the other side of the Looking Glass and the creatures living in the cards, beautiful Princesses most likely,  were better than I was. I could easily imagine their lifestyle, but always had a hard time guessing  their thoughts and feelings, maybe because I was afraid to spoil the perfection.

 As the years passed, the Looking Glass played its trick of changing sides, granting access to the Christmas card life in the Country far away, but by that time I forgot that once I was dreaming of leaving in the everlasting snow covered houses, and the beautiful Princesses were forgotten too.

 Then came the time of the World Wide Web.

Small and erratic in its childhood, growing wild and unorganized while becoming a teenager. My childhood was gone with the Christmas cards, the Web’s – with Google.

Once I realised the Web can be friendly, I tried to bring back the lost memories searching for the Looking Glass World in the Web. Gradually the bits and pieces were coming together. That newly found world was not a secret for me, I thought I knew every corner of it, but now it was so changed, estranged to say the least. I kept recovering it, and once found a creature from there, a Princess in flesh and bones.

She was perfect, much better than me ,  just as I would imagine from the childhood, and, unlike before, she  had feelings and thoughts to share. It was intriguing to get news from a  privileged member of my childhood, waiting for the daily portion as for a treat. 

But the life in the Looking Glass was not the card life, it did not have the houses and puppies and snow that never change. One day the Princess was very sad. This was an unusual scenario for the Looking Glass world, but I could not help it, she was becoming sadder the following days.

The Christmas Card World as I wanted to see does not exist, the World Wide Web interpretation of the Looking Glass’s was far from perfect. But the Princesses do exist there, though not always happy ones. 


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