February 12, 2010

Home sweet home

Posted in thought tagged , at 4:55 pm by silivalilife

The sun was going down, it was windy and I was watching the sea lions laying on the sand catching the last sun and waiting for the tide to return back to the dark ocean.
There was ten minute walk to the car and a long drive home, I was hungry and cold and was dreaming of shower and hot tea.

Watching the sea lions below I wondered where was the place that substitutes them the tea and shower? Maybe some secret place away from human eyes? Somewhere in those dark waves that scares me must be hidden one place where they know every stone, where the food is sweet and plenty, where there are memories of the time when everything seemed so big.  Did it ever exist? Does it still exist, is it the same place it used to be over the thousands of years of sea-lion existence, or we the humans managed to damage it as a lot of other things?

I kept thinking about that once I got my shower and tea. They deserve theirs.


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