February 19, 2010

Events and News

Posted in Random tagged , , at 7:33 pm by silivalilife

With the globalization our Earth became smaller and smaller over the years. With telecommunication available to a lot of people we started getting the same global news and following the same events reported globally.
The strange things is that for the duration of some time, days or months there is no any interesting event happening that could be reported as a global event. Then the news are becoming boring and are narrowed to gossip.

Then all of a sudden the global events start happening all the same time. They crowd together, making it hard to follow one. If the event is a scandal, the ones involved are lucky to get away by an overlapping event. If it is a problem requiring community attention, community is the loser as something, or someone, made him to revert his attention from finding a solution that would benefit all of us.

Then there are tragic kind of events that no one wanted to happen, to friends or foes. There are no winners there.  They better not happen, but they show how connected and mutually dependent we all the dwellers of our planet are.

We share one home.


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