February 22, 2010


Posted in undecided tagged at 7:57 pm by silivalilife

From the different genres of art my favorite is portrait. Each of us the live creatures is as complex as a universe. And by “us” I mean not only us the humans, but any live creature, as life itself is very diverse and complex.
I can narrow down my favorites to the hand painted portraits. We are very good at deceiving the when we know we are watched. And it is easy to trick camera when it has just seconds to capture the target. With the painter having a side view of his model for days, weeks and longer, he has a chance to pick the features as a side viewer that the model never thought of possessing.

I am sure in some cases painter himself captures the most important quality by intuition, without realizing. Losing in correctly showing precise features to the camera, painter  can express what eyes cannot see but hearts can feel and minds can understand.

Though most of famous portraits have description from art experts, I have fun to watch them myself and try to understand the painter’s message, which is why I will do that here from time to time.


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