February 27, 2010

Gifts and Earnings

Posted in Random, thought tagged at 9:16 pm by silivalilife

While we are children we do not evaluate ourselves and are happy to live and enjoy the abilities that we are gifted by nature. We use what we have without much effort and get praised. Even then there is something beyond our abilities we dream to be apt to do, but those dreams do not burden us too much – we have a clean start and a whole eternity in front.
The years following childhood the number of our admirers drain quickly. We start realizing that our talents are not as useful as we thought before, at least not without substantial effort to polish them. We work on them as hard as we think is necessary and eventually make them useful enough to win our daily bread. This is when our abilities stop being gifts and become earnings. Concerning that dream qualities we did not possess are still there, it can wait, the time is not something that is in shortage.

Some more years passed we start noticing that the perfection can be obtained easier than before. The tasks we were failing before can be perfected and hard work so tantalizing before can be quite pleasant. This is when you start thinking that maybe you can look into that dream ability you always wanted to have. There is still plenty of time, why not try?

It works! You can do that, and better than many others! Conquering the dream is so sweet and being praised, even in a narrow circle, rewarding. This is when you can look all the way back into the time to once more realize where you came from. You see your gifts, you feel a bit guilty as they have never been desired, just gifted.  But they are yours completely, your roots, still there, ready to serve. 

Now we should look forward, there is no more time to waste, now that we got what we dreamed for so long. Ah, time, it does not seem so plenty anymore.  Why do we realise it just now?


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