March 11, 2010

Alike vs Different Observations

Posted in Random, thought tagged at 5:38 pm by silivalilife

The idea of fashionable is in freshness and perpetual change. The idea of dressing fashionable is to look different. With this is mind, someone looking for something different in stores will be disappointed discovering that all stores offer same colors, materials, fashions for the season.

If one manufacturer comes up with something cute and new and gets success (duh), the hit fashions is immediately being copycated. As a result, next season the buyers are bound to buy past season’s hit fashions variation instead of something really different.

Naturally they are not in a hurry to buy it where it is seen first, assuming, quite correctly, that they can sooner or later get it at a discount in the next store.
The good marketer could think of investing in designers that do not copycat but come up with their own, guard the collection’s secrecy, and sell the collection at higher prices, without risking that it will be discounted. I think they are underestimating the  tastes of the buyers. I have never seen the good stuff going at a discount.


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