April 20, 2010

Knowledge is Power

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Scientia potentia est that is, as was stated long before us.

No doubts about that.

But it comes with the experience, the son of heavy mistakes as the poet noted, also long before us.

And, sometimes too late.


April 14, 2010

Taking Sides

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I wonder why do we people like so much taking sides. Women versus men, young versus old, pretty versus ugly, Apple versus Adobe, you name it, everything is about mine against yours.
How many times during the visible history someone third have taken advantage of two others taking sides? Way to many.
But we cannot help it, we keep doing that. It must be another very human quality then.

April 12, 2010

What if we knew too much?

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G.K. Chesterton had a series of novels titled The Man Who Knew Too Much. The protagonist in the stories knew more about the case than the rest of the public, which was unaware of the real facts behind the story, but it did not make him happier or more powerful. 
Sometimes, luckily not always, reading the day-to-day news make me feel like I am living the story.  Not as the Person Who Knew Too Much but as someone who guesses that is being cheated with something not completely said.

For example, one reads a story in a central media source and think what a good coverage of the event. Perfect language, perfect analysis. Let me read it second time. The second time reading, if he is not too slow will cause a reaction: wait, why would this even happen having the facts given here? Something must be missing in this story.

Then he goes to Google, and digs a bit more about the information. If the story is about business, the competitors view will answer his questions. Politics? He just needs to find a domain outside own country instead of relying on the opposition media.

The bad thing is that he usually does not want to know too much.

April 6, 2010

About Clouds

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Did you notice that when a new meaning is suddenly assigned to an old, ordinary word by a stronghold of this world, a lot of others try to exploit it by getting their share of attention.

Looks like that is what happens with the cloud.

I met at least three different meanings in the press these days. Let me know if you know if others. 

1. The first, and to my knowledge first coming to fashion of Cloud is much better explained in Wikipedia at this link:


2. This term has been around for a while when the internet decided to use already vocal term using it for blogging tags. I guess very soon everybody who gets into web   will know about tag clouds. Wikipedia rules again:


3. The TV commercials have a special talent in picking buzz words, that is how the mattress shops came up with Tempurpedic clouds.

4. The fashion industry may be far from technology, that is why it started using the term just recently. And as always concentrating on sound more than the meaning it decided to use it in its own way. Today I noticed mannequins on a stand with a cloud of tags in the Nordstrom shopping window, one like the WordPress tag cloud. Quite creative.

Who would say this word had one main meaning for thousand years?

April 1, 2010

Know your Enemy

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When something goes wrong it is human to look for someone to blame. In weight issues as well, especially because weight in our view is connected to beauty, rather than health. I mean aesthetics come first, health comes second. 

Nowadays, after so much mentioning even our children finally started looking obese, even to our loving eyes, and who is to be blamed? Some groups claim it is all Ronald McDonald’s fault because we all trusted him and wanted to eat more for his sake. So, McDonald’s Corporation first of all, it is being mentioned most of the time, and there are movies made about it, then Burger King, I guess they are also kind of frequently mentioned. Then Coca Cola, corn syrups, sugars, you name it.

And given a chance to become healthier, they still are not.

Ok, imagine we can ban McDonald’s and the rest of the gang, since they are not going to correct anyways. Let’s imagine it’s a done deal. Now what? Can you imagine your fridge without coke? Can you see yourself as a veggie lover, brown rice, small portion eater, only green tea-no-sugar drinker, walker, biker, runner and dancer? 

When your child wants some ice cream, are you going to say no? Or think that he will be unhappy without it, because all other children have it.  And they sure will yell and ask for sweets because they watch tv commercials  about “immune boosting”, sugar loaded cereals and other sweets and you cannot do anything about that. If you can stand him and restrict him from all those temptations, do you know what are you going to feed him instead?

Now the news claim that our pets are obese. They sure watch commercials too.

BTW, the yogurt which is advertised as healthy is not healthy at all, if you want healthy stuff, mix some plain yogurt with fresh-cut fruit, and no sugar at all.

March 11, 2010

Alike vs Different Observations

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The idea of fashionable is in freshness and perpetual change. The idea of dressing fashionable is to look different. With this is mind, someone looking for something different in stores will be disappointed discovering that all stores offer same colors, materials, fashions for the season.

If one manufacturer comes up with something cute and new and gets success (duh), the hit fashions is immediately being copycated. As a result, next season the buyers are bound to buy past season’s hit fashions variation instead of something really different.

Naturally they are not in a hurry to buy it where it is seen first, assuming, quite correctly, that they can sooner or later get it at a discount in the next store.
The good marketer could think of investing in designers that do not copycat but come up with their own, guard the collection’s secrecy, and sell the collection at higher prices, without risking that it will be discounted. I think they are underestimating the  tastes of the buyers. I have never seen the good stuff going at a discount.

March 4, 2010

Name That Decade

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There have been whole lot of different suggestions to name the past decade.
I suggest mine: decade of deteriorating quality. In everything, starting of food and goods, ending with human qualities, health, relationship, and prices too, you name it.

The food industry was already  with hormones, chemistry, radiation and various gases, now is “improved” with genetic modification and is becoming increasingly dangerous. All new labels designed to control the quality do not work as we are increasingly creative in bypassing rules.

Food quality is connected to the quality of our health a lot. One consequence is the much talked obesity nowadays.  

Some time ago the person who would produce a good was called Master. He would take a pride and was responsible for the quality of his production. He was continuing the job of his father and was happy that his production was labeled by his country name. His guarantee was that his creation would last  to serve your grandchildren. Since sometime the variety of labeling decreased a lot and I am not sure anyone takes pride of those labels anymore. Even notion that good  product has a high price does not always work.

There is a long list of other aspects of our life that fit into this description, which does not make me feel any good.

I think the decade before this one could be called the Decade of Human Greed. All of us involved.

I will also suggest a name for the next decade as well. Decade of Paying the Price.

February 27, 2010

Gifts and Earnings

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While we are children we do not evaluate ourselves and are happy to live and enjoy the abilities that we are gifted by nature. We use what we have without much effort and get praised. Even then there is something beyond our abilities we dream to be apt to do, but those dreams do not burden us too much – we have a clean start and a whole eternity in front.
The years following childhood the number of our admirers drain quickly. We start realizing that our talents are not as useful as we thought before, at least not without substantial effort to polish them. We work on them as hard as we think is necessary and eventually make them useful enough to win our daily bread. This is when our abilities stop being gifts and become earnings. Concerning that dream qualities we did not possess are still there, it can wait, the time is not something that is in shortage.

Some more years passed we start noticing that the perfection can be obtained easier than before. The tasks we were failing before can be perfected and hard work so tantalizing before can be quite pleasant. This is when you start thinking that maybe you can look into that dream ability you always wanted to have. There is still plenty of time, why not try?

It works! You can do that, and better than many others! Conquering the dream is so sweet and being praised, even in a narrow circle, rewarding. This is when you can look all the way back into the time to once more realize where you came from. You see your gifts, you feel a bit guilty as they have never been desired, just gifted.  But they are yours completely, your roots, still there, ready to serve. 

Now we should look forward, there is no more time to waste, now that we got what we dreamed for so long. Ah, time, it does not seem so plenty anymore.  Why do we realise it just now?

February 19, 2010

Events and News

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With the globalization our Earth became smaller and smaller over the years. With telecommunication available to a lot of people we started getting the same global news and following the same events reported globally.
The strange things is that for the duration of some time, days or months there is no any interesting event happening that could be reported as a global event. Then the news are becoming boring and are narrowed to gossip.

Then all of a sudden the global events start happening all the same time. They crowd together, making it hard to follow one. If the event is a scandal, the ones involved are lucky to get away by an overlapping event. If it is a problem requiring community attention, community is the loser as something, or someone, made him to revert his attention from finding a solution that would benefit all of us.

Then there are tragic kind of events that no one wanted to happen, to friends or foes. There are no winners there.  They better not happen, but they show how connected and mutually dependent we all the dwellers of our planet are.

We share one home.

February 16, 2010

Business People

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We like the coffee in the neighborhood Peet’s.

The startup people like it even more. There is always at least a pair or two of them by your table, usually speaking so loud that you cannot help listening to their conversation.

The pair consists of a speaker, I call him the convincer and a listener. 

Sometimes the pair has only two cups on the table.  This is a very early stage and the speaker’s job is tough. He has to convince how good his startup  is, what a great product it is going to develop and how many millions of potential customers are dreaming to have that product immediately. Right now half of the world’s population is looking just for that product and cannot find it. The mission of their startup is to put it on-line, ASAP. And the job can be done only if the listener joins the startup-savior. The listener usually asks clever  questions, but the impression on his face does not confirm he gets the answers.  

There are also pairs in more intimate relationship. They are armed with wide open laptops, with the screens visible to each other as a sign of mutual trust. The business is the same – convincing, but with numbers. The listener’s  impression is again the usual disbelief. But the speaker is much more aggressive.  He is advertising a product the future existence of which is a big question. If he can convince this guy, there is high probability that he can do the same with the customers. But most important he has to convince himself that his plan is going to work. This is the hardest of all. He would need the passion to guide them all through the coming years.

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