May 26, 2010

Forced Love

Posted in Random, thought tagged at 12:52 am by silivalilife

I hate this and I wonder if I am not alone.

I open a web page of a well-known newspaper, magazine, etc, getting to home page,  notice an interesting title, and BOOM! – a flash animation with some commercial is just rolling whole page covering the screen and moving the text all the way down.
It is so annoying that if next second someone asks me what was the commercial about, I could not answer. I hate is so much that my memory does everything to forget it instantly. I wonder if others are the same.

So if I do not even remember what I just saw and even if I saw, I am focused on one thing only, to close the animation immediately and get to the title I just saw, what is the value of it? Does anyone really pay attention to it? How many people click on it?

Isn’t it possible to make that animation more pleasant to me, something that will catch my attention and not make me hostile? Is it that difficult? Oh, that requires some imagination and some more work. I see. Ok, never mind.