September 18, 2010

New Fashion Statement: from Apple

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I am somewhat happy I am not a responsible one for creating computers, phones, music devices, and now watches competing with Apple. Otherwise I would have been losing my night sleep before each recent years’ product release announcement from them. I would know for sure whatever it is, it is going to make world news, eventually becoming a fashion statement. And all my efforts of creating a really great product will be overshadowed, no matter how much noise I manage to make in media.

Here is a new one which will become a hit in near future and harm, now the watch makers.


I wonder if the new iPod Nano creators hoped that it will be worn as a watch, or they had something else in mind?


January 27, 2010

Apple of our Eyes???

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Could you imagine our lives without Apple announcements?

No reason to watch the news, competing in predictions of  features for the products that were shielded from the world with secrecy the superpowers like the KGB would envy. We will postpone our purchases saving money for a thing most of us would consider unaffordable and useless if coming from any other manufacturer.

And journalists? What would they do without this legitimate opportunity of making news out nothing?

As for the competitors – they should be the last ones to complain. Where would they take great ideas on how to use existing technogy already patented and available and was not successful just because they could not make proper use of it? Once Apple demonstrates how easy was to color the grey, next step for them is to silently to copycat.

Apple has not left us dissappointed so far,  but we will see…