February 16, 2010

Business People

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We like the coffee in the neighborhood Peet’s.

The startup people like it even more. There is always at least a pair or two of them by your table, usually speaking so loud that you cannot help listening to their conversation.

The pair consists of a speaker, I call him the convincer and a listener. 

Sometimes the pair has only two cups on the table.  This is a very early stage and the speaker’s job is tough. He has to convince how good his startup  is, what a great product it is going to develop and how many millions of potential customers are dreaming to have that product immediately. Right now half of the world’s population is looking just for that product and cannot find it. The mission of their startup is to put it on-line, ASAP. And the job can be done only if the listener joins the startup-savior. The listener usually asks clever  questions, but the impression on his face does not confirm he gets the answers.  

There are also pairs in more intimate relationship. They are armed with wide open laptops, with the screens visible to each other as a sign of mutual trust. The business is the same – convincing, but with numbers. The listener’s  impression is again the usual disbelief. But the speaker is much more aggressive.  He is advertising a product the future existence of which is a big question. If he can convince this guy, there is high probability that he can do the same with the customers. But most important he has to convince himself that his plan is going to work. This is the hardest of all. He would need the passion to guide them all through the coming years.