March 15, 2010

Is this an Arrogance?

Posted in thought tagged at 5:23 pm by silivalilife

This is an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal.

It is very human to get angry watching your rival being preferred within your own family, but for a corporation with notoriously high work culture, one would be expect a wiser approach. What about giving the freedom to the employees to use anything they please and just collect the information?

This will indicate two things:

–  how successful is your product, in a smaller scale of the world, but more important

– how much pride your own staff takes of their own company.

If the team spirit is high, and your people believe in what they do by preferring your product over anything else, then you are doing fine as the leader of your company. If not, then, sorry, you have some work to do. It takes a lot of courage, of course.