September 18, 2010

New Fashion Statement: from Apple

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I am somewhat happy I am not a responsible one for creating computers, phones, music devices, and now watches competing with Apple. Otherwise I would have been losing my night sleep before each recent years’ product release announcement from them. I would know for sure whatever it is, it is going to make world news, eventually becoming a fashion statement. And all my efforts of creating a really great product will be overshadowed, no matter how much noise I manage to make in media.

Here is a new one which will become a hit in near future and harm, now the watch makers.


I wonder if the new iPod Nano creators hoped that it will be worn as a watch, or they had something else in mind?

April 6, 2010

About Clouds

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Did you notice that when a new meaning is suddenly assigned to an old, ordinary word by a stronghold of this world, a lot of others try to exploit it by getting their share of attention.

Looks like that is what happens with the cloud.

I met at least three different meanings in the press these days. Let me know if you know if others. 

1. The first, and to my knowledge first coming to fashion of Cloud is much better explained in Wikipedia at this link:

2. This term has been around for a while when the internet decided to use already vocal term using it for blogging tags. I guess very soon everybody who gets into web   will know about tag clouds. Wikipedia rules again:

3. The TV commercials have a special talent in picking buzz words, that is how the mattress shops came up with Tempurpedic clouds.

4. The fashion industry may be far from technology, that is why it started using the term just recently. And as always concentrating on sound more than the meaning it decided to use it in its own way. Today I noticed mannequins on a stand with a cloud of tags in the Nordstrom shopping window, one like the WordPress tag cloud. Quite creative.

Who would say this word had one main meaning for thousand years?

March 23, 2010

Time and Again

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Did you notice that once a fashion on something has gone, it looks so much outdated and the sight of something  one used to see in past era calls old memories?

Nowadays I notice how young fashionistas are wearing dresses and shoes similar to the ones from 70’s and 80’s without a knowledge they were the favorites of their moms, then young.

The shirt dresses seem so narrow and the wedges seem uncomfortable, but that maybe to their parents and grandparents, not to them. 

The Cycle of Life.

March 11, 2010

Alike vs Different Observations

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The idea of fashionable is in freshness and perpetual change. The idea of dressing fashionable is to look different. With this is mind, someone looking for something different in stores will be disappointed discovering that all stores offer same colors, materials, fashions for the season.

If one manufacturer comes up with something cute and new and gets success (duh), the hit fashions is immediately being copycated. As a result, next season the buyers are bound to buy past season’s hit fashions variation instead of something really different.

Naturally they are not in a hurry to buy it where it is seen first, assuming, quite correctly, that they can sooner or later get it at a discount in the next store.
The good marketer could think of investing in designers that do not copycat but come up with their own, guard the collection’s secrecy, and sell the collection at higher prices, without risking that it will be discounted. I think they are underestimating the  tastes of the buyers. I have never seen the good stuff going at a discount.

January 21, 2010

Everything old is new again

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Have you noticed that when something new hits world of design, cars, garments, songs, technology, then a lot of look, feel, do – alikes are coming out, almost simultaneously. I would admit that everybody is trying to find out what competition is going to have and keeping up.

It is more or less traceable with the technology, as a useful invention called patenting with questionable success handles it. What about the stuff not subject for patenting, like fashion designs?
When there is a new fashion trend,  many brands have almost similar ones for the same season, same colors, materials, cuts, except different price tags. Who is being the first designer of, say, a new rococo jeans?
I remember an exhibition of handbags. There were handbags from past 3-4 centuries collected from all over the world. Some people were just viewing. Most of the people were quickly drawing the interesting ones with skill confirming their familiarity to the world of art. As there were at least 5 of those drawing same ancient bedouin bag at a time,  some 3 of them could be presenting that very drawing as a new trend of the season. Other three designers would get it from the roommates of those guys, without actually seeing the original bag and finally will start thinking of it as of their own invention. Each of those will be copied through “espionage” channels, changed a bit, and presented as their own, etc, you got the idea. 

Then there is the question where the bedouin took his bag a century ago and who designed it…