August 26, 2010

The Pendulum Of Life

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Up, down, up, down, up. Down, up, down, up.

Pendulum of Foucault

Start from the down again, with decreasing amplitude until the down cannot become an up anymore. Everything alive and in life complies to the down-up-down rule. The knowledge of this in an experience we the creatures gain during our lives.

 Always too late. Even then, we never give up the hope to trick the Pendulum and defy the laws of gravity. Just a bit more force, it will take the pendulum higher, and maybe then the down will become an up again, as before, as we used to be. One more time, this time it will work. But, in fact the time is the one we will never win the race with.  Time will never be on our side.  

Nevertheless we, the humans will never give up the hope  to invent Perpetuum Mobile and stop worrying about the ups and downs. 

May 2, 2010

About the Importance of Grades

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You start getting them in elementary school. Middle school ones are not that good usually. High school ones become important. Then more, and more, the more the merrier. Usually they are not fair.
Grading becomes even more unfair at workplace. Bosses are not as liberal as teachers and professors.
Over years the grading and all the feelings connected to it becomes a routine.

The grades stop causing inconvenience, or let’s say the worry becomes less bothering once the ladders of success becomes longer and higher. Grading those on lower level feels fine, though it is not confessed.

At one point there is a feeling of freedom from grades.  And right on time when the height of the ladders seems comfortable enough to not be afraid of falling down, a reminder comes. Not from the below but from someone situated at the same comfortable level. A reminder that the grading is still there and being a loser is as actual as in college. And whole lot if people starts discussing that, more than in college.

Not pleasant huh?

Courtesy of Cultural China

Courtesy of Cultural China:

March 4, 2010

Name That Decade

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There have been whole lot of different suggestions to name the past decade.
I suggest mine: decade of deteriorating quality. In everything, starting of food and goods, ending with human qualities, health, relationship, and prices too, you name it.

The food industry was already  with hormones, chemistry, radiation and various gases, now is “improved” with genetic modification and is becoming increasingly dangerous. All new labels designed to control the quality do not work as we are increasingly creative in bypassing rules.

Food quality is connected to the quality of our health a lot. One consequence is the much talked obesity nowadays.  

Some time ago the person who would produce a good was called Master. He would take a pride and was responsible for the quality of his production. He was continuing the job of his father and was happy that his production was labeled by his country name. His guarantee was that his creation would last  to serve your grandchildren. Since sometime the variety of labeling decreased a lot and I am not sure anyone takes pride of those labels anymore. Even notion that good  product has a high price does not always work.

There is a long list of other aspects of our life that fit into this description, which does not make me feel any good.

I think the decade before this one could be called the Decade of Human Greed. All of us involved.

I will also suggest a name for the next decade as well. Decade of Paying the Price.