March 8, 2010

Recipe for a Good Movie?

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Although left out from Oscars, The Pirates of Caribbean is becoming more and more beloved with each new episode. Usual stuff. I feel sorry sometimes for Academy missing the real hits. But what can you do – gotta keep that name.

If I were the Academy I would also probably think – what pirates, are you kidding? Visual Effect – at most! But since I am not, I am not afraid to confess that something in that movie made me deeply involved. No, not Depp, though he deserves it.

The Ocean. Its total rule over everybody on both sides of the screen. I felt the cold dark power of it, the deep  secrets I would die to discover, I felt salty and wet and slimy. It’s scary and desirable. And I thought – must be the visual effects, those academy guys are no mess.

But then I started hearing from here and there a haunting music. And that feeling in  the dark theatre was back – The Ocean! I could close the eyes and memorize it all.

Now that the soundtrack of this movie is becoming increasingly popular I wonder if the recipe for a good movie is an excellent music? I wonder how those Academy guys missed it. 

Hence I am sharing my favorite – enjoy.