September 22, 2010

Following the Sun

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Did you notice that the sunflowers have this amazing ability of making the place to glow of happiness, even the gloomiest ones, substituting the sun whenever and wherever needed.  A field of sunflowers – something from the childhood dream. A little house with a couple of sunflowers behind the wooden fence, and you immediately know – it is full of happiness, bursting from voices of children. Pass by a sunflower, it watches you from the above, and you know there is a smile on its broad face.

This flower is the individualist of the plant world. Every sunflower can make a portrait of its own. No wonder they have been painted so many times, and if you think the sunflower’s smile is not as mysterious as Mina Lisa’s, you cannot deny that it still is one of the most open and kind smiles from someone who wants to warm your heart.

And when  this flower perishes it leaves behind its tasty seeds for you to enjoy and remember him, like someone who continues to love you from afar.

July 24, 2010

Young Romans

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To me, of all fakes, the hardest is imitating the time in portraits. There is some physical difference in people at each time frame and if you have the original you can easily tell the fake. And that is true for photographs as much as for the paintings, as the technique of the time adds up.

In some cases though the old and ancient portraits look strikingly contemporary.  

This couple looks like a pair of nice yuppies next door we are used to say high in the mornings. Taken out from the time, dressing, color palette and given an iPad or a laptop, they could well be an engineer, a painter, a lawyer, a professor, scientist or just a blogger.

It is amazing to see how something so distant in time could make through two millenia to talk to us now. I wonder what from all we create now will live up to Time to empathise our successors in just one.

May 3, 2010

The Story of Her Hands

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Her hands are the first thing one can see in her whole tired figure. Red and rough from constant contact with cold water, they must belong to someone who worked all her life. One would think a long one.
Then you look up at her face and realize how young she is.

Modigliani captured her  relaxed immediately after concluding her hard work. She contrasts with the other women portraits he used to paint, whether nude, or just beautiful. But it seems to me he put more love into this one.

Amedeo Modigliani. Young Woman Of the People

April 28, 2010

The Beautiful Ironmongress

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She is known as La Belle Ferroniere. Her real name is lost in history, her painter’s identity as well. It is attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, or his circle, and as with everything connected to his name, this portrait is also surrounded by mystery, secrets and legends. Whether she is a king’s lover and her name is a wordplay, as assumed, or just a pretty wife of an ironmonger, her whole appearance shows that she does not care how the world is judging her. Her impression of hostile caution makes me think she is a non conforming, proud person who does not expect much approval from the world. Why is that? It is the secret between her and her painter.

La belle ferronnière

1490-1496, Musee du Louvre, Paris

April 16, 2010

A Time Capsule

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The Courtauld Gallery”]

Édouard Manet - A Bar at the Folies Bergeres, 1882, The Courtauld Gallery

This is a second, a tiniest fracture of time between the past and the future. It captures much more than a photography could. It does not intend to tell a story, it wants you to feel the warm air inside, smell the mix of spirit and perfume, envy the freshness of the skin, to wish to be there. The impression will bring you your own memories, the story will be yours.

March 4, 2010

Portrait of Procurator

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Portrait of Procurator Jacopo Soranzo c. 1550 Oil on canvas, 106 x 90 cm Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice


He was a doge in Renaissance time Venice.  He used to rule. I do not know what background he came from, what was his childhood like, or his peak of strength, what were his deeds and whether he was kind or mean. More mean than kind most probably. Beautiful as it seems to us now, I am sure 1500-s were not as kind of times as one might think.  

What I can see on his face is wisdom coming from experience of long life. Tintoretto did not show a person of power but rather a person of a deep respect.  

Whatever life he lived, he collected knowledge he possesses makes him significant from others. He learned the life, he maybe made mistakes, which he acknowledges now. Yet with that knowledge there is some naivety in his eyes which comes from realisation that a human life was not long enough to learn all one would desire.  

He must believe in Heaven and Hell. Whatever he deserves in afterlife, he seems to be prepared to meet his last day. Still, he is not ready to die, he is ready to serve his people at his best for as long as he is in power.