August 27, 2010

Ladies in Blue

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They are not wearing blue, but are painted in blue. Some scientists think they are goddesses. I do not see any particular godliness in them. I have to admit they look very important. And they look very healthy. One has to be very healthy to have a waist of that size and hair this thick and long.  

What else can be said, just watching them makes one happy. That also explains the position of science on their godliness. A happy and healthy woman is a goddess. Not to mention that in their society some 3500 years ago the women in these ladies’ society had more freedom than most women in the societies of the 21st century.   

Ladies in blue

April 14, 2010

Taking Sides

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I wonder why do we people like so much taking sides. Women versus men, young versus old, pretty versus ugly, Apple versus Adobe, you name it, everything is about mine against yours.
How many times during the visible history someone third have taken advantage of two others taking sides? Way to many.
But we cannot help it, we keep doing that. It must be another very human quality then.