March 4, 2010

Portrait of Procurator

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Portrait of Procurator Jacopo Soranzo c. 1550 Oil on canvas, 106 x 90 cm Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice


He was a doge in Renaissance time Venice.  He used to rule. I do not know what background he came from, what was his childhood like, or his peak of strength, what were his deeds and whether he was kind or mean. More mean than kind most probably. Beautiful as it seems to us now, I am sure 1500-s were not as kind of times as one might think.  

What I can see on his face is wisdom coming from experience of long life. Tintoretto did not show a person of power but rather a person of a deep respect.  

Whatever life he lived, he collected knowledge he possesses makes him significant from others. He learned the life, he maybe made mistakes, which he acknowledges now. Yet with that knowledge there is some naivety in his eyes which comes from realisation that a human life was not long enough to learn all one would desire.  

He must believe in Heaven and Hell. Whatever he deserves in afterlife, he seems to be prepared to meet his last day. Still, he is not ready to die, he is ready to serve his people at his best for as long as he is in power.