February 17, 2010


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Watching ice skaters. Those who compete for the medals look so tense, if the jump was not clean enough, and some mistakes were made, the contestants looks like it is end of the world.
They are waiting for the grades of their direct competitor with the without taking a breath.
Those who compete for the 7-th and lower places, come out like they are going to show something really great, they fell sometimes, and that is not a tragedy for them. They finish happy and wait for the grades with smile.
After they realise they are on 10-th place they send kisses to the fans, and leave with the same smile,  probably for a party.
I feel much better watching those guys, they have more fun, they are happy to just participate and appreciate what others can do rather that feel sorry for what they could not do. 

BTW, for some reason all the figure skater guys this year decided to look like either medieval princes, or some glove wearing huge black crows.