May 2, 2010

About the Importance of Grades

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You start getting them in elementary school. Middle school ones are not that good usually. High school ones become important. Then more, and more, the more the merrier. Usually they are not fair.
Grading becomes even more unfair at workplace. Bosses are not as liberal as teachers and professors.
Over years the grading and all the feelings connected to it becomes a routine.

The grades stop causing inconvenience, or let’s say the worry becomes less bothering once the ladders of success becomes longer and higher. Grading those on lower level feels fine, though it is not confessed.

At one point there is a feeling of freedom from grades.  And right on time when the height of the ladders seems comfortable enough to not be afraid of falling down, a reminder comes. Not from the below but from someone situated at the same comfortable level. A reminder that the grading is still there and being a loser is as actual as in college. And whole lot if people starts discussing that, more than in college.

Not pleasant huh?

Courtesy of Cultural China

Courtesy of Cultural China:


March 7, 2010

Fish day

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When I do not eat fish for some time, I start longing it badly. Then I do a fish dinner day. This usually ends with me not wanting to think about fish, at least for next few days. Strange, I love fish, much more than meat.
And more strange is that it does not apply to the rest of seafood.
Maybe because the good things are better in small portions?

February 19, 2010

Events and News

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With the globalization our Earth became smaller and smaller over the years. With telecommunication available to a lot of people we started getting the same global news and following the same events reported globally.
The strange things is that for the duration of some time, days or months there is no any interesting event happening that could be reported as a global event. Then the news are becoming boring and are narrowed to gossip.

Then all of a sudden the global events start happening all the same time. They crowd together, making it hard to follow one. If the event is a scandal, the ones involved are lucky to get away by an overlapping event. If it is a problem requiring community attention, community is the loser as something, or someone, made him to revert his attention from finding a solution that would benefit all of us.

Then there are tragic kind of events that no one wanted to happen, to friends or foes. There are no winners there.  They better not happen, but they show how connected and mutually dependent we all the dwellers of our planet are.

We share one home.

February 12, 2010

Home sweet home

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The sun was going down, it was windy and I was watching the sea lions laying on the sand catching the last sun and waiting for the tide to return back to the dark ocean.
There was ten minute walk to the car and a long drive home, I was hungry and cold and was dreaming of shower and hot tea.

Watching the sea lions below I wondered where was the place that substitutes them the tea and shower? Maybe some secret place away from human eyes? Somewhere in those dark waves that scares me must be hidden one place where they know every stone, where the food is sweet and plenty, where there are memories of the time when everything seemed so big.  Did it ever exist? Does it still exist, is it the same place it used to be over the thousands of years of sea-lion existence, or we the humans managed to damage it as a lot of other things?

I kept thinking about that once I got my shower and tea. They deserve theirs.