September 22, 2010

Following the Sun

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Did you notice that the sunflowers have this amazing ability of making the place to glow of happiness, even the gloomiest ones, substituting the sun whenever and wherever needed.  A field of sunflowers – something from the childhood dream. A little house with a couple of sunflowers behind the wooden fence, and you immediately know – it is full of happiness, bursting from voices of children. Pass by a sunflower, it watches you from the above, and you know there is a smile on its broad face.

This flower is the individualist of the plant world. Every sunflower can make a portrait of its own. No wonder they have been painted so many times, and if you think the sunflower’s smile is not as mysterious as Mina Lisa’s, you cannot deny that it still is one of the most open and kind smiles from someone who wants to warm your heart.

And when  this flower perishes it leaves behind its tasty seeds for you to enjoy and remember him, like someone who continues to love you from afar.

September 18, 2010

New Fashion Statement: from Apple

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I am somewhat happy I am not a responsible one for creating computers, phones, music devices, and now watches competing with Apple. Otherwise I would have been losing my night sleep before each recent years’ product release announcement from them. I would know for sure whatever it is, it is going to make world news, eventually becoming a fashion statement. And all my efforts of creating a really great product will be overshadowed, no matter how much noise I manage to make in media.

Here is a new one which will become a hit in near future and harm, now the watch makers.


I wonder if the new iPod Nano creators hoped that it will be worn as a watch, or they had something else in mind?

September 13, 2010

City of the Future

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What comes to your imagination first when asked about the future? In the best scenario that is, without world wars, global warming, ice ages, etc. I am  not sure, there is no much place left in my imagination, because I have been imposed a very generalized image by the people, whether it is an artist, writer, director, or a scientist. A Megapolis that covers whole planet. It is assumed that in best scenario there are going to be a lot of us on a very little space. Oh well, nothing much we can do there.  Ok, I wanted some of those images, from Google. has a lot of images:

this is how we imagined it may look in 1985

There are more gloomy images, this one might be not the best of the scenarios:

It is quite realistic though, and not much of a future, cities like this exist already.

 This one is creepy too, imagine living in one of these:

All of the images I found have a lot in common. High buildings, some lawns for green feeling. What I could not find in any of those images were the trees. In the present time cities the trees somehow managed to survive, usually dusty, dwarfed and surrounded, tangled in humiliating Christmas lights, but still giving us some illusion of being close to nature.  But according to common vision there is no place even for those our bright future. 

What happened to those childhood love towards climbing trees, hiding in tree houses, sleeping in the shades of the trees.  It is possible that we are feeling unsuitable for the humans on higher level of evolution still getting messed up with the same things our distant ancestors were used to – living among the trees and even hanging on the trees.

Not sure how everyone else, I would feel much happier to live among trees. So I modified my search to look for “city in a forest”.  And, there are images, this one from I liked

I hope a time will come when we would at least dream of a city where the trees are dominant.

August 27, 2010

Ladies in Blue

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They are not wearing blue, but are painted in blue. Some scientists think they are goddesses. I do not see any particular godliness in them. I have to admit they look very important. And they look very healthy. One has to be very healthy to have a waist of that size and hair this thick and long.  

What else can be said, just watching them makes one happy. That also explains the position of science on their godliness. A happy and healthy woman is a goddess. Not to mention that in their society some 3500 years ago the women in these ladies’ society had more freedom than most women in the societies of the 21st century.   

Ladies in blue

August 26, 2010

The Pendulum Of Life

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Up, down, up, down, up. Down, up, down, up.

Pendulum of Foucault

Start from the down again, with decreasing amplitude until the down cannot become an up anymore. Everything alive and in life complies to the down-up-down rule. The knowledge of this in an experience we the creatures gain during our lives.

 Always too late. Even then, we never give up the hope to trick the Pendulum and defy the laws of gravity. Just a bit more force, it will take the pendulum higher, and maybe then the down will become an up again, as before, as we used to be. One more time, this time it will work. But, in fact the time is the one we will never win the race with.  Time will never be on our side.  

Nevertheless we, the humans will never give up the hope  to invent Perpetuum Mobile and stop worrying about the ups and downs. 

July 24, 2010

Young Romans

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To me, of all fakes, the hardest is imitating the time in portraits. There is some physical difference in people at each time frame and if you have the original you can easily tell the fake. And that is true for photographs as much as for the paintings, as the technique of the time adds up.

In some cases though the old and ancient portraits look strikingly contemporary.  

This couple looks like a pair of nice yuppies next door we are used to say high in the mornings. Taken out from the time, dressing, color palette and given an iPad or a laptop, they could well be an engineer, a painter, a lawyer, a professor, scientist or just a blogger.

It is amazing to see how something so distant in time could make through two millenia to talk to us now. I wonder what from all we create now will live up to Time to empathise our successors in just one.

July 15, 2010

Paradise lost

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It was our last day in paradise. It was his last day too. He was laying in the bathroom, with his wings apart, his awe-inspiring antennas still barely moving.  He used to zoom in and out in the darkness, scaring the newcomers, the king of the tropical night.

 I do not want to think my feet are in his blood but there were only two of us, aside if him, cruising the bathroom that night and the chances are 50-50…
His sight was an awakening call from the two-week dream. This is when I realized I am not in paradise. We do not squish each other there, do we?

July 10, 2010


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There is this strange feeling about the places – missing them when you are not there. When you know how it is there and leave it then you think about the place and want to return and stay. And since there are several of those places, you know you will miss the place once you leave it for the other one. There are also places that you want to return but want to leave once you are there.
The time seems to be stopped there to have some rest and it seems uneasy for the restless one to stay out of the movement and change.
I wish I could be in several places at the same time and could get wherever I wanted instantly.

May 26, 2010

Forced Love

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I hate this and I wonder if I am not alone.

I open a web page of a well-known newspaper, magazine, etc, getting to home page,  notice an interesting title, and BOOM! – a flash animation with some commercial is just rolling whole page covering the screen and moving the text all the way down.
It is so annoying that if next second someone asks me what was the commercial about, I could not answer. I hate is so much that my memory does everything to forget it instantly. I wonder if others are the same.

So if I do not even remember what I just saw and even if I saw, I am focused on one thing only, to close the animation immediately and get to the title I just saw, what is the value of it? Does anyone really pay attention to it? How many people click on it?

Isn’t it possible to make that animation more pleasant to me, something that will catch my attention and not make me hostile? Is it that difficult? Oh, that requires some imagination and some more work. I see. Ok, never mind.

May 20, 2010

Mystery Clicks

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I am getting hits from some bogus addresses. When I do not publish a new post for several days they stop. When I update the blog for several days in a row, they keep hitting, but from different addresses each time. And what is interesting they keep hitting the same posts over and over, always the old ones, very rarely a newer ones. They seem to like certain titles, or maybe the words in the title are keywords for them.

Very interesting

This is what I am getting:

But even this is preferable:

Or maybe this:

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